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College of Podiatry Union: what we do

College of Podiatry Union: what we do

Broadly speaking we operate at two levels:

At national level

Through our Employment Relations Committees we:

  • Negotiate with Government representatives and  departmental officials, always seeking to influence Government policy in respect of employment and professional issues;

  • Work to protect the employment rights of members;

  • Produce information and guidance for members and local representatives, to ensure those rights are maintained;

  • Negotiate pay and conditions of service and give evidence to the Pay Review Body;

  • Work through the TUC to campaign for equal rights, equal pay, satisfactory working conditions and improved health and safety;

  • Monitor and interpret the effects of domestic and European Employment Legislation;

  • Provide legal assistance and advice when required;

  • Organise education programmes for representatives.

At local level

Through our network of Union Reps and regional co-ordinators we:

  • ensure members know what support is available in employment problems or queries;

  • protect the employment rights of individuals and groups at work.

We also deal with bullying/harassment issues; compromise agreements, stress at work, equality issues to name just a few. We strongly support the principle of partnership working and are focused on securing greater improvements for all our members at the workplace.

To contact the ER department, please call 020 7234 8631