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Podiatry Stories

  • Podiatry has helped give me the life I want to liveClaire Bateson-Cooper, who received a Long Service Award for services to the profession, took an unusual route into podiatry. Here, Claire talks about how she used her sales experience and communication skill set to forge her new career. 13 February 2019
  • Some people might call it a mid-life crisis, I thought of it as a mid-life opportunityIn the next in our series celebrating the podiatry profession, we speak to Andrew Shilling, a private practice podiatrist from Guernsey. As a young graduate, Andrew Shilling left a fledgling podiatry career to pursue a life with his girlfriend on Guernsey. Twenty-five years on, he decided to return to practice. He told us his story. 13 February 2019
  • From property solicitor to NHS podiatristIn the next in our series celebrating the podiatry profession, we spoke to Gemma Fitt, an NHS podiatrist from South East London. Gemma came late to podiatry, having previously worked as a commercial property solicitor, but says it was the experience of her earlier career that makes her truly appreciate the value of her new one. 13 February 2019
  • I didn't fall out of love with nursing, I just love podiatry moreIn this new regular feature we celebrate the difference that podiatrists are making every day. We will hear the stories of podiatrists at all career stages and in every sector across the UK and beyond, highlighting the diversity of work and its life-changing impact on patients. This month we speak to Fiona Boyle, a newly qualified podiatrist working in Dublin. 30 January 2019