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Urgo Foundation Award videos

Urgo Foundation Diabetic Foot Ulcer Award videos

Two new films made by the College of Podiatry in association with Martin Fox, Vascular Specialist Podiatrist for Manchester Leg Circulation Service, and funded through the Urgo Foundation diabetic foot ulcer award are now available to view. The films show the role of podiatry in the care of patients with diabetes and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). 

One film describes the care available to patients through podiatry services, while the other tells the story of a patient with diabetes who manages his condition with the support of his podiatrist. 

The Urgo Foundation diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) award is granted every year to healthcare professionals who have innovative ideas, initiatives and practices for the prevention and management of DFUs. Projects can be submitted by any healthcare professional working in the field, including clinicians, specialists or multidisciplinary teams. The DFU Foundation Award panel is made up of leading diabetes foot experts from around the UK, including College of Podiatry Clinical Director, Professor Paul Chadwick.

The successful applicant received £20,000 funding for their project from Urgo Medical. 

In 2014, Urgo was overwhelmed with submissions and it was decided that the grant would be allocated between two projects. 

One of the winning projects, 'Empowering Patients and Clinicians to Save More Limbs and Lives', submitted by Martin Fox, Vascular Specialist Podiatrist for Manchester Leg Circulation Service, aimed to raise awareness of people with DFU about their high associated mortality risks and support clinicians to help them discuss and focus on effective risk-reducing interventions. 

The project was centred around a visually striking poster campaign, supported by a clinician and patient information resource pack, to help provide clear, consistent and balanced information on associated modifiable cardiovascular risks and how to effectively reduce them. 

Using his share of the prize money, Martin expanded the campaign using his share of the prize money and these films are the result

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