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Updated Standards for Clinical Podiatric Practice

Updated Standards for Clinical Podiatric Practice

The Professional and Private Practice Officers and the Professional Practice Committee have updated the Standards for Clinical Podiatric Practice. There are 14 Standards in total that have been revamped.

  • Why have the Standards been updated?

    The look and format of the Standards has been modernised. The content of the 14 Standards has been updated to keep the Standards current and in line with legislation.

  • What has changed?

    There are some minor changes throughout the 14 Standards. However the main changes are within the Consent Standard. This standard has been re-written in conjunction with the law firm that defend our members when a medical mal practice claim is made against them.

  • What is different in the Consent standard?

    The main changes are that you need to obtain verbal consent at every treatment episode and crucially record this in the notes. This can be a simple as the podiatrist saying to the patient ‘I am just going to cut your toe nails is that OK?’ the patient would then reply ‘yes that’s fine’. Then on the notes should be ‘Verbal consent gained for treatment’. The reason for this is that implied consent (for example a patient sitting in the treatment chair) no longer exists or recognised in law.

    The other change is that a signed general consent is required for treatment for new patients. This can be one sentence at the bottom of a medical questionnaire that the patient fills in or a separate page (template wording available).

  • Have you updated the Consent forms?

    Yes the consent forms have been updated and will be published at the same time as the Standards.

  • I have heard that the abbreviations are no longer going to be used is that correct?

    No this is not correct. The abbreviations is one of the 14 Standards and they will still continue to be used. 

  • If I need help understanding/implementing the updated standards who can I contact?

    Please contact the Professional and Private Practice Officers for assistance with the Standards and any other professional queries: professionalofficer@scpod.org or 020 7234 8652.

Download: 14 Standards of Clinical Practice 

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