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Update on NHS Pensions in England and Wales

Update on NHS Pensions in England and Wales

Members will be aware from recent press articles that following the recent revaluation of the pension scheme both the NHS unions and the NHS Employers made some recommendations on how to rectify the recent cost cap breach – which basically means that the scheme was taking in more than it needed to.

The government has decided however that changes cannot be implemented now due to the outcome of a separate legal case.

As a result, the NHS trade unions in England and Wales have issued the following statement. 

'The NHS trade unions recognise the value of the NHS Pension scheme, not just as deferred pay for its members in their retirement but as a key component of the overall NHS reward package and its importance to recruitment and retention. As such, we are committed to working collectively and in partnership with government and employers to ensure the scheme remains one that is stable and secure, and one that provides the best possible benefit to current and future members.

'We are aware of the recent Court of Appeal judgements on the firefighters and judiciary pension schemes and are working collectively to understand any potential implications of these cases on the NHS scheme. 

'However, we are frustrated by the government’s decision to pause the introduction of staff facing measures that would rectify the recently determined cost cap breach. We worked with employer colleagues to recommend a balanced package of rectification measures that would have benefited scheme members and are disappointed not to see them acted upon at this time. Health trade unions are working with the TUC on action to challenge this pause.'

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