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TUC Women's Conference 2018

TUC Women's Conference 2018

TUC Women's conference started today, until 9 March, taking place at Congress House, London.  The Society has two Union Reps, Leigh Holloway and Barbara Ledger, attending and putting forward our motion:

Women Healthcare Workers and Workplace Violence in Prisons

In 2017 it was reported that the number of assaults on prison staff had risen by 25% since the previous year.  A recent study looking at large prisons showed that most workplace violence (44%) occurred in adult male prisons. Many of the victims were healthcare workers and two-thirds of those were females. Verbal abuse (71%) was more common than physical abuse (29%). Abuse can result in both physical and mental injuries and heightened stress levels following any abusive incident is common.  Healthcare workers tend to be predominately female and are more likely to be targeted by inmates over their male counterparts.  Healthcare workers including Podiatrists, physiotherapists, nurses and doctors should not have to face the fear of violence and abuse when they go to work each day.  SCP members have reported to us a lack of training given to staff coming into the prison environment.  Whilst the prisons themselves are facing disastrous reductions in funding leading to understaffing, stretching of resources and the support they are able to give to the healthcare workers.

We therefore call on Congress to highlight and campaign on the issue of workplace violence for prison staff including healthcare workers.


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