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The dawn of a year of opportunities – message from the CEO

The dawn of a year of opportunities – message from the CEO

As we start a new year, I think we should see 2018 as a year of opportunity – a chance to start to resolve the challenges we face in podiatry including workforce, clinical leadership and ensuring greater membership involvement in the Society and College of Podiatry.

As I meet more of you around the UK, at our annual conference, at branch and union events, at meetings and when visiting services I am struck by how committed and engaged members are and how much you want this organisation to support and represent you. I want you to tell me how we can make things even better. It can feel overwhelming at times but this organisation is here to help and to listen to your concerns.

Since I last wrote to you we have made real progress in transforming the organisation and building a brighter future for Podiatry – but I am very aware of how much more there is to do. 

As CEO, and General Secretary of our union, I am determined to ensure we can effectively campaign and lobby - for our workforce, for improved access to education, for greater awareness of this wonderful profession and to influence key stakeholders to ensure podiatry is higher on the policy agenda. We will ensure that members have a chance to feed in to major consultations, and thank you to all of you who took part in our recent survey on the Promoting Professionalism, Reforming Regulation four-country regulation consultation.  It is really important that we clarify for the future what we want as a profession. 

There is lots to be hopeful about – for example I’m delighted to announce today that The College of Podiatry has been awarded a significant grant as the lead partner in a new £1m programme to support key small allied health disciplines, including podiatry, which is funded by HEFCE, the Higher Education Funding Council for England. Though aimed primarily at raising awareness in England we expect this programme to have benefits across the UK and you can read more about it here.

Following the successful launch of our policy report at the House of Commons in December we are moving forward with our influencing campaign across all four countries of the UK and we’ll keep you updated as to progress of this important campaign to raise awareness with policy makers of the value and breadth of podiatry.   

As I lead a new governance review of the organisation with your Council I feel confident that we will be able to transform this organisation’s governance so that it underpins our strategy and puts you at the centre of decision-making. As part of this we are also looking at how we move towards being ‘one organisation’ that we can all shout about! 

We know that you will have views about all this work and want to hear from you – remember you can email me anytime on feedback@scpod.org.

I wish you all a healthy, happy 2018.

Steve Jamieson


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