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The College of Podiatry - update on next steps with our name change

The College of Podiatry - update on next steps with our name change

Following the decisive vote at the AGM in June to change the name of our organisation to The College of Podiatry, the appropriate legal changes have been made and the name of our organisation and trade union is now legally The College of Podiatry. Our website ‘domain’ name has now also been changed to www.cop.org.uk and we will be updating references on the site from the Society to the College of Podiatry.  We’ll do this gradually over the next few months and at the same time will be taking down out of date content, so you’ll notice a few changes on our website.

Email addresses for the College of Podiatry staff team have also changed and this includes our membership team email address which is now membership@cop.org.uk, while our Professional Officers are at professionalsupport@cop.org.uk. Email addresses for individual staff members are now firstname.lastname@cop.org.uk. Members who wish to contact College of Podiatry CEO and General Secretary Steve Jamieson can email  feedback@cop.org.uk.

We will be bringing in the name change and strapline across our materials gradually over the coming months, and replacing materials as they run out, to keep costs to a minimum. We have updated our headed paper and are notifying suppliers, stakeholders and partners as to our new name and digital addresses.

What does this mean for members?

We will be sending a new membership certificate to all members at renewal time in January 2019, and in the meantime for those members who wish to display the new name or are having new practice materials produced there is a section on the members side of the website at www.cop.org.uk/members/namechange where members can download:

  • College of Podiatry member logo

  • College of Podiatry member workwear logo

  • Printable poster (A4) for members with space to write in member name, membership number and HCPC registration number.


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