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The College of Podiatry response to updated GP contract

The College of Podiatry response to updated GP contract

The College of Podiatry welcomes the announcement that Podiatrists along with other Allied Health Professions have been included within the updated GP contract in England for 2020/21-2023/4.

The updated contract ensures there will be increased funding for additional staff roles within GP practices, enabling Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to employ additional allied health professionals to support GP practices. The primary care system across the UK is under strain and needs to be re-shaped in order to meet the healthcare needs of the population.


The College’s Chief Executive, Steve Jamieson said, ‘This is great news and a recognition of what Podiatrists can bring to support Primary Care, not only around MSK complications affecting both children and adults but also within a variety of long term conditions including diabetes and cardiovascular disease management, dermatology, falls prevention, public health messaging and social prescribing.’    

Podiatrists can be deployed to work as first point of contact practitioners (FCPs), either through direct access Podiatry service in the community or as part of a multidisciplinary team operating around a GP cluster. The benefit to the patient of the FCP model should be rapid access to the right person, at the time, in the right place; they should receive a tailored advice, treatment and onward referral as appropriate.

We have the expectation that any podiatrists who are employed through this route are paid at the appropriate agenda for change pay band as per the job matching process which should have been undertaken in partnership with the NHS trade unions.  They should also be on Agenda for Change terms and conditions with access to the NHS pension scheme.

We welcome the protection of TUPE which provides staff reassurance and job security whilst also providing patients with continuity of care.

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