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Student Recruitment Project Outcomes

Student Recruitment Project Outcomes

What is the membership’s role in the Student Recruitment Project and its legacy?

Managing the Student Recruitment Project has been a very rewarding, important and enjoyable role, leading an extremely pertinent initiative. We have implemented a centralised approach to recruitment, improving the Schools of Podiatry marketing processes and having a positive impact on the ongoing strategic promotion of the profession, by sharing successful aspects of each SOPs existing strategy. Learning about the status of the profession (from my Arts background) and the challenges the profession will face if improvements to promoting podiatry are not made, I have become extremely passionate about finding innovative ways to engage our membership and stakeholders across the industry to champion our collective cause. I am convinced that it will be the combined effort (of Trade, the membership, The Society and The College of Podiatry, and the Schools of Podiatry) that proves the future success of podiatry, in all its fascinating and diverse forms.

As a member you too have your place in recruiting.

It is my feeling that our centralised approach to marketing should be extended to include all of our members. With a sustained collaborative investment of resources into promoting the profession public awareness will be raised, more places on undergraduate courses will be commissioned and filled, and the membership will flourish as a direct result.

Though the Student Recruitment Project as we know it and my role here at The Society and The College of Podiatry finishes at the end of January 2017 I am confident that with the right tools and a shared responsibility and commitment to ensure this call to action is actioned, each individual will benefit. I hope you get chance to read my end of project report detailing the achievements of the campaign and evaluative suggestions. 

We recognise our role in empowering you.

What you do in your practice and share with your community can inspire the next generation of podiatrists as well as regenerate ideas for your fellow podiatrists looking for ways to develop.

Introducing the ‘How to progress, innovate and maximise my career?’ series and some of our upcoming monthly contributors. 

Lined up with inspirational stories from the membership about innovating your profession, entrepreneurial ideas and opinion pieces. Alex Catto provides us with an opinion piece to consider the future of podiatry, assuring us podiatry is one of the professions safe from being hijacked by robots. Spencer Childs reveals his rollercoaster ride renovating his private practice in South London; and Tony Davies takes us on a nostalgic journey of his ever evolving career and how he is retraining to reinvigorate it.

Join the movement

We are incredibly proud of our membership and would like to celebrate the brilliant and bold business moves that you are making to reinvent your practice, or inspire your colleagues. If you have an inspirational story that you would like to share, we would like to help you share it.

Please get in touch with us at podnow@scpod.org outlining the idea for your article, why you think it would fit well into this series, and we can help you shape it and share it.

Lauren Gauge
Student Recruitment Project Coordinator

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