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Small Claims Guide

Small Claims Guide

Following member’s requests the Society and their solicitors Thompsons, has produced a guidance document to assist those members who find it necessary to sue a client/patient or contractor for non-payment.  The small claims procedure is designed to enable an individual to pursue a claim without the assistance (and costs) of a solicitor.

Download: Small Claims Guide

What is a small claim?

A small claim that isn’t a personal injury claim is a County Court claim for less than £10,000.00. Most small claims involve a dispute relating to a contract between two parties, the most usual example being that someone owes someone else money which has not been paid. Small claims can also be for damage caused by someone else to your property, for bad workmanship or compensation for faulty goods or goods not supplied.

The time limit for bringing a claim which arises out of a contract is six years. The Court will refuse to consider a claim after this time.

Although a claim may be brought at any time within this period, it should be started promptly and well within the time limits. The longer you leave it before starting a claim the more likely it will be that key documents will have been destroyed and memories faded. Unfortunately companies can quickly disappear leaving you out of pocket.

Claims relating to personal injury, unfair dismissal, discrimination or whistleblowing are rarely small claims. Much stricter time limits apply to these claims and if you think that you have such a claim you should contact the SCP urgently.

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