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Scottish Government makes three year offer to NHS members

Scottish Government makes three year offer to NHS members


The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SCP) welcomes the pay offer from the Scottish Government and we will consult with our members in Scotland over this deal. The SCP has been involved throughout these negotiations and we are pleased to see some progress. Our members in Scotland have suffered from pay freezes and pay restraint over the last 8 years and this will be seen as a step in the right direction.

The SCP has raised concerns over the falling numbers of full time equivalent Podiatrists working in Scotland’s NHS and we will continue to push the Scottish Government for more Podiatrists to be employed by the NHS in Scotland to meet the growing demand for podiatry services, and to improve patient care. We welcome the refresh of the agenda for change pay bandings which we believe will attract more Podiatrists into the NHS and hopefully retain the highly specialised staff required to meet the foot health needs of Scotland’s population.

Chief Executive and General Secretary Steve Jameson said:

“We welcome this proposal from the Scottish Government. We will be consulting with our members on the offer which we feel is a good start on the journey to fair pay for all NHS staff.”

Members in Scotland should soon receive details of the offer from their local rep’. We will also post an electronic link when we have one.

NHS Staff in England have already a similar deal and talks continue in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Below is a link to the joint TU website which has an overview of the pay offer, details of the pay deal per Band, FAQs and importantly the pay calculator for NHS Scotland.




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