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The College of Podiatry's response to NHS England's Long Term Plan

The College of Podiatry’s response to NHS England’s Long Term Plan

Responding to the Government’s announcement of NHS England’s Long Term Plan, the College of Podiatry CEO Steve Jamieson said, ‘We welcome the vision set out in the Long Term View, particularly prevention of illness and early detection through increased collaborative Community Health Services and Primary Care networks.

‘We are pleased to see that NHS England have made tackling health inequalities as one of the main priorities of the Long Term View. Only through embedding public health at every level of the health and care system can the NHS remain sustainable for future generations.

‘It is vital that this money is used appropriately to harness preventative podiatry services to provide integrated care and recognising and tackling health inequalities across primary care, community health services, acute care and social care. 

‘Our members routinely alleviate complications of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral arterial disease and musculoskeletal conditions to keep people of all ages mobile and active, thereby helping to fight against the obesity and diabetes epidemic.’

‘None of this can be fully realised without real terms investment in the workforce. Podiatry needs to be an integral part of the preventative workforce- in stroke prevention through early detection of atrial fibrillation, in heart attack prevention through peripheral arterial disease management, amputation prevention through prevention and management of diabetic foot ulceration, management of musculoskeletal conditions and prevention of falls. Naturally we welcome any increase in funding for the NHS; however, we are concerned that following eight years of austerity, which has affected the NHS workforce and staff morale, the proposed extra resources may be insufficient to cope with the ever increasing numbers of patients with complications from long term conditions.

‘We look forward to working closely with NHS England and other key stakeholders to realise this ambitious plan.’

NHS Long Term plan: https://www.england.nhs.uk/long-term-plan/

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