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Podiatry Now: COVID-19 June issue

Podiatry Now: COVID-19 June issue

The next issue of Podiatry Now will focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus has affected the College's members in myriad ways, from those who work in the NHS being redeployed to other sections of the health service, to those who work in independent practice.

The College would like to speak to members about their experiences for features it is working on for the next issue of the membership journal. If you have a story to tell, or would like to contribute to one of the featuers below, please email: emma@podnow.org.uk

The cover feature: How do podiatrists get themselves and their business back on track after COVID-19? What does the future look like for the profession – both in the NHS and within private practice?

Mental health: Maintaining good mental health is always important, but following the outbreak of Covid-19 and the weeks of lockdown and isolation, it has been crucial now more than ever. How can you keep positive, especially in such uncertain and anxious times? This top-10-tips article will focus on what podiatrists can do to keep themselves healthy mentally, and what they can do to help their patients.

Finance: This feature will offer insight into how badly hit the profession is likely to have been financially by Covid-19. We are interested in hearing from members who work in both the NHS and in private practice to add their voice into a wide-ranging piece looking at the financial situation.

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