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Partnership gives voice to people with foot health needs

Partnership gives voice to people with foot health needs

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A new Foot Health research project will seek to identify the unanswered questions about diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot health problems in the UK, arriving at a “top ten” of research priorities later next year. The project is on behalf of the Dr William M Scholl endowment fund and led by The James Lind Alliance and the University of Salford.

Foot health is essential for being able to walk and move comfortably and safely, maintaining mobility, independent living and enhancing quality of life. However, feet are affected by a wide range of acute and chronic diseases and even simple changes in foot health can impact upon the overall health and well-being of the individual. At worst, poor foot health can lead to limb amputation and increased mortality rates. Whilst there are a wide range of treatments available for foot health problems, the evidence of their effectiveness is limited.

Prof.Chris Nester, of the University of Salford’s School of Health Sciences, said: “We all know that loss of foot health can quickly immobilise us and interfere significantly with daily living. This is regardless of age or general health issues and high rates of diabetes are particularly alarming in terms of future foot health problems. Researchers want to help understand foot health and how best to diagnose problems and treat them. But, the challenge is knowing which foot health issues need our attention  - so we would ask patients and clinicians who care for people with foot health problems. “

The James Lind Alliance (JLA) was established in 2004 to bring patients and clinicians together to identify questions about treatment effectiveness. The JLA argues that research can sometimes fail to recognise the uncertainties and requirements of patients or those caring for or treating them.  A JLA Advisor Patricia Ellis will be working alongside Dr Andrea Graham at the University of Salford to lead a national survey to gather patient and clinician views. The survey will launch on the 1st of November, 2018 (see the website links below) and close on 31st January, 2019.

There are a number of patient-led groups specifically representing the interests of people with conditions that have a direct impact on foot health. These and allied clinician and carer groups are being invited to join the Foothealth PSP. Anyone interested can find out more at: https://foothealthpsp.org


We would ask people with foot health problems, their carers’ and the clinicians that look after people with foot problems, to please complete our short survey by using the following link:



Or if you need to complete an ‘easy read’ version please use this link: 



If required paper copies of both versions with instructions for their return, can be downloaded from the Foothealth PSP website at: https://foothealthpsp.org from the 1st of November, 2018.

Further information is also available from Dr Andrea Graham, Foot Health PSP Coordinator.

Contact Andrea at: a.s.graham@salford.ac.uk.

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