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Non-medical Prescribing: Updated guidance for members

Non-medical Prescribing: Updated guidance for members

The College of Podiatry is taking part in an NHS England led programme to propose amendments to legislation which enable different healthcare practitioners to prescribe, supply and administer Medicines to their patients. Podiatrists are one of the professional groups who already have the option to train as independent prescribers alongside Nurses, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Paramedics and Therapeutic Radiographers. This means they are well placed to work with patients to manage their medicines and can once qualified prescribe a range of medicines to manage their lower limb and foot and ankle conditions. As part of the programme The College of Podiatry has recently updated its practice guidance for members who are independent prescribers, this document is available below for those to whom it is relevant. 

Download: Good Practice in Prescribing & Medicines Management for Podiatrists.

More information about prescribing can be found within the Medicines & Medical Devices Committee pages.

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