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NHS Wales pay ballot

NHS Wales pay ballot


Due to circumstances beyond our control we have postponed the NHS Wales pay ballot to ensure that members in Wales have the full information available to them before they vote.

It came to our attention that questions over ‘on-call’ pay rates and a possible error on the offer document meant that the pay calculator to see how the pay offer affects individuals is not currently available to staff.

Although these issues do not change our view that the offer is the best we could achieve, and we still recommended acceptance of it, we thought it best to postpone the ballot until this information is available.

Being able to map a journey over the three years of the deal is, we believe, an important tool in helping members make their decision.

We will do everything we can to ensure this postponement is for the shortest time possible as we are acutely aware of the need of our members to begin to receive an increase in pay. 

Further updates will follow but if you have any questions regarding this matter please email us at nhspay2018@scpod.org.

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