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NHS Scotland Pay Ballot result

NHS Scotland Pay Ballot result

College of Podiatry members in Scotland say Yes – and say it loud

The College of Podiatry today announced the result of its ballot of NHS members in Scotland on the three year pay offer recently made by the Scottish Government.

On an extraordinary turnout of 57.25% the result was as follows;

To accept the offer 97%

To reject the offer – 3%

Chief Executive and General Secretary Steve Jamieson said

“We have engaged and consulted with our members across Scotland over the proposed 3 year pay deal over the last 6 weeks sharing all the information on the pay offer. We recommended a yes vote and encouraged our members to participate to ensure that their voices were heard.

I am delighted to say that most of our members in Scotland have participated in our ballot. The result of this ballot is an overwhelming acceptance of this deal with 97% voting in favour of accepting. We have shared our results with the other trade Unions and have also informed the Scottish Government of our acceptance of this offer.

As I previously stated when sending out the ballot, I do think this is a fair deal for our members and will be encouraging my staff to build on this for any pay offers in the future.

I would like to thank all those who have worked hard to deliver this outcome and in particular would like to thank our members in Scotland for voting.”

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