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NHS Pay Update

NHS Pay Update


Voting is well under way in the ballot on NHS Pay in England for 2018. 

By now if you are eligible to vote you should have either received an email with voting instructions or, if we don’t have a valid email for you, a postal ballot

If you haven’t voted yet the deadline for email votes is 1st June whilst postal ballots need to be returned by 6th June.

If you are still awaiting a ballot there are a number of reasons why you might not have received one:

  • Check your spam email folder. Check other accounts. We would have sent to the email address we have for you on record, not necessarily your NHS email
  • It may have ‘bounced’ if your email address is inactive


If you have checked your spam and your personal accounts and you haven’t received it please email NHSPay2018@scpod.org with your details and we will look into this and send you a link.

Please use your vote to enable us to speak on your behalf. 

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