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NHS Pay 2018 update

NHS Pay 2018 update

The Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, has written to the NHS pay review body with his guidance on the next review of NHS pay (read here).

Commenting on the letter Martin Furlong, Interim Head of Employment Relations said ‘We welcome the move away from the imposed pay cap and allowing the Pay Review Body (PRB) to operate with the independence it should always have had. We also welcome the government’s commitment to fund the recommendations of the PRB. The letter suggests that a multi-year offer would be the governments preference if it is linked to efficiency. In its forthcoming evidence to the PRB we will make clear the pressures that our NHS members are already facing and the need for any efficiency’s to be built on improving the patient experience and the importance of the work our members do in preventing hospital stays.’

The survey that members completed on NHS pay is now closed and an update on the findings will follow shortly.

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