NHS Net Zero campaign

Yesterday NHS England/Improvement published the Delivering a Net Zero Health Service report. The report is the culmination of national and international technical input and the guidance of the NHS ‘Net Zero’ Expert panel.

The NHS is the world’s first national healthcare system to commit to delivering a net-zero emissions approach. Currently the NHS is responsible for 4% of the UK’s carbon emissions footprint, and the aviation industry 6%.

The College of Podiatry is pleased to support this important work towards a more sustainable health service and we will be engaging with our membership in the coming months to support the initiatives.

The Delivering a net zero health service report contains strategies and data that will have an impact on all sectors of the healthcare service, so even if you work outside the NHS, there are strategies detailed in this report that will be transferable and meaningful. Please take the time to read this important piece of work here.

Please disseminate the report to relevant interested parties, talk about it with your colleagues, discuss it on social media (using the hashtags #greenerNHS or #netzeroNHS) and become part of the change movement. There is a launch event on 5 October 12.30 pm -1 pm. 

If you would like more information on the campaign or how you can become more active in this area then please contact keri.hutchinson@cop.org.uk (Public Health Project Lead) to discuss further.