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NHS England pay update – members have their say

NHS England pay update – members have their say


We are pleased to announce the results of our ballot, of members working for the NHS in England, on NHS pay.

Of those voting 91% voted to accept the offer and 9% voted to reject. A clear endorsement of the work undertaken on member’s behalf to get to this offer.

Chief Executive and General Secretary Steve Jamieson commented: ‘This is a clear message from our members in England that they welcome these long-overdue reforms to the pay system and the improvements that this offer brings. Podiatrists have also told us that they want better pay and conditions in the years to come, not just now, so we see this as the start of the journey.

We’re really pleased with the high turnout, which sends a clear message that our members expect to be paid fairly for their commitment and expertise which results in life-improving podiatric interventions for patients every day.’

What happens next?

All the other trade unions in the NHS are announcing their results today (Friday) and providing the majority are votes in favour we expect members to see their pay rises, backdated to 1st April, in their next salary payments.

Discussions continue in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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