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New guidance to tackle maternity discrimination at work

New guidance issued to tackle pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work

The conciliation service Acas said it received more than 14,000 calls last year on pregnancy and maternity discrimination and as a result has today issue new guidelines for employers that can be found at: www.acas.org.uk

The new guidelines give full details on Maternity rights, dealing with discrimination and also guidance for employers to help them give the right support to their employees.

Additionally the guidance recommends that firms provide a suitable place for pregnant employees to rest, and to deal with any health and safety risks.

Martin Furlong, Interim Head of Employment Relations, welcomed the new guidance saying:

‘Women should not suffer any unfair treatment while pregnant or on maternity leave, and most employers treat their employees fairly. Those that don't could find themselves at an employment tribunal.

This new guidance can help managers deal fairly with women at work in areas such as recruitment, promotion and redundancy and help women but giving them he advice that they need’

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