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MSK practice in podiatry survey

MSK practice in podiatry survey

Revisiting MSK in Podiatry

The role of podiatrists working in MSK clinics and within general practice varies greatly between geographical locations and also patient demographics. There are several active projects, within the NHS, College of Podiatry and charitable partners, to unify what MSK practice looks like for podiatry services. We want to expand on this further as part of the MSK project.

By providing a questionnaire, we hope to seek the opinion and views from College of Podiatry members as to how their own podiatric practice incorporates MSK patients. Additionally, a further aim of completing the questionnaire is to engage our members in a short knowledge exchange that will help inform the development and design of the type of content required to build an effective suite of CPD modules delivered by the College of Podiatry.

The questionnaire is designed to gauge opinions from all types of practitioners, whether your caseload is general practice or focused on an area of specialist care. By completing and submitting your responses to the questionnaire you are consenting to the data you have given being included anonymously for reports and published papers.

The survey can be accessed here

For further information and to ask any direct questions prior to submitting your responses please contact MSK project lead Dr Helen Branthwaite.

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