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Motion to TUC - Are our staff wearing appropriate footwear?

Motion to TUC - Are our staff wearing appropriate footwear?

Today (10 September), the College of Podiatry’s Professional Officer Katie Collins will put forward a Motion to the TUC on ensuring that employees have access to appropriate footwear.


The motion states:

'Trade Unions have a long history of improving health and safety in the workplace and of saving lives and keeping workers from harm.

'The College of Podiatry believes that employers have to do more to ensure that workers have access to appropriate and sufficient footwear to protect them from harm.

'Our members manage the consequences of inappropriate footwear in the workplace every day.

'Whether you work on a building site, an aircraft, as a dancer or in a sporting arena, access to appropriate footwear is vital for overall health and wellbeing.

'As well as the obvious hazards at work that could lead to injury, such as slippery floors, or machinery which can crush or burn, other issues such as cold or wet or hot working environments can bring additional problems such as chilblains or fungal infections.

'Employers must be held accountable and must ensure that workers have access to footwear that is approved, appropriate to their job and agreed with trade union representatives.

'This congress calls on the TUC to work with the College of Podiatry and other stakeholders to ensure that information on safe and appropriate footwear is available to all workers.'

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