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Members vote in favour of April for Foot Health Month 2019

Members vote in favour of April for Foot Health Month 2019


More than 1,200 members took part in our survey about Foot Health month 2019, and one of the key questions asked in the survey was whether members wanted Foot Health Month in April or June from 2019 onwards.

We asked this question as we’d had feedback from members that the timing of our flagship awareness event in June coincided with the start of a busy summer season for podiatrists, particularly those in private practice - and that spring would work better. So, we asked members which month they would prefer, April or June, and there was a clear vote for April.

Almost 1,000 members answered this question and 61% voted for April and 39% for June.

The top two reasons cited by members for taking part in Foot Health Month were: ‘to promote the value of podiatry’ (84.51%) and ‘to raise awareness of foot health’ (81.42%).

The College of Podiatry team are now analysing the rest of the results from the survey and will be putting plans together for next year’s event after conference. Display materials such as bunting and posters proved popular in the survey as did digital assets such as infographics. Downloadable materials would also be welcome for 2019 according to members.

Our campaign in 2019 will again focus on informing the public about the importance of foot health and developing the public’s understanding of podiatry – with a clear message that they should visit an HCPC registered podiatrist as the health specialists for foot and lower limb pain and problems.

Plans for Foot Health Month 2019 will be unveiled in December with materials ready in January 2019. A limited number of packs will once again be available to members and will be distributed from mid-January 2019 onwards.


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