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Legal support for members

Legal support for members

Members can continue to access the union’s free legal service during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Thompsons Solicitors is providing personal injury services to those fighting the virus on the frontline, working from home or those who have been furloughed.

Member benefits continue during the pandemic

Your membership rights have not been affected during the pandemic, which means you still have access to free legal advice and representation across a number of issues.

Members of your family are also included in some of that cover, such as personal injury away from work or on the roads.

Personal injuries from the past three years

If you have been injured within the last three years, or you have developed a condition which has led to a disease within the last three years, we encourage you to get in contact with Thompsons sooner rather than later. The cover - for members and family members - extends to injuries on holiday as well (remember them!). The three-year time limit for bringing a personal injury claim remains in place, despite the pandemic.

Settlement agreements

With concerns around job losses and unfair dismissals amid the pandemic, there is an expectation that there will be a rise in settlement agreements.

An employee must seek legal advice for the settlement agreement to be legally binding and the employer has to pay for that advice. Thompsons has a dedicated team of settlement agreement solicitors who specialise in helping employees to understand their settlement agreements and get the best outcome for them.

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