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Katie Collins re-elected to the TUC's Women's Committee

Katie Collins re-elected to the TUC's Women's Committee

The College of Podiatry is pleased to announce that its Professional Support Officer, Katie Collins, has been re-elected to the Trades Union Congress's (TUC's) Women's Committee.

Martin Furlong, Head of Employment Relations at the College of Podiatry said: "I’m delighted for Katie as it shows the esteem that she is held in by her colleagues on the committee but also the regard that we, the College of Podiatry, are viewed in the wider trade union movement."

On her re-election, Katie Collins said: "I am proud to have been voted to the TUC Women’s Committee for a second year.  With over 75% of our membership being women it's important that we have a voice on the TUC to raise important issues which affect workers in the UK. We hear from members having to use food banks, payday loans, who are in abusive relationships, struggling financially, struggling with mental or physical health, discrimination and more. The College works with the TUC to campaign on all of these issues as well as promoting podiatry to its 4 million-plus members to improve the lives of our members and our patients"

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