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HeartUnions 2018 Week

HeartUnions 2018 Week


This week is HeartUnions 2018 week which is aimed at showing that unions are vital to offering everyone a voice at work.

Part of the week will also be about maintaining momentum for a funded pay rise for all public sector workers. 

Martin Furlong, Head of Employment Relations, said: 

‘As an affiliated trade union we are happy to support this week and help promote its aims. Together with the other TUC unions we work to protect members rights all year round and this week is to highlight this work. We will be celebrating the work that our workplace representatives do all week by sharing selfies of them with the HeartUnions strapline.’

Above are Martin and Claire Angus, Director of Membership Services, doing just that.

You can get involved and support this initiative by visiting www.tuc.org.uk/heartunions

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