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Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey

This year’s health and safety theme is ‘Go Home Healthy’. Everyone should go home healthy from work but unfortunately each year twelve thousand workers die from lung disease, nine million working days are lost each year because of musculoskeletal disorders and over twelve million working days were lost last year because of stress.

Plus a recent Trade union Congress study showed 1/3rd of the UK workforce report workplace bullying which affects your health both physically and mentally.

This obviously greatly concerns the Society and College as this will impact podiatrists across the board whether the work in the NHS, private healthcare organisations, educational establishments, prisons and the independent sector.

We wish to find out how widespread health, safety and wellbeing issues are across the podiatry workforce. Therefore we would be grateful if you could spend 5-10 minutes answering this survey. 

Go Home Healthy Survey

If you are concerned about your health, safety or wellbeing at work including bullying and harassment please speak to your local society union and/ or health & safety representatives or ring the employment relations department on 020 7234 8631.

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