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HCPC published revised guidance on returning to practice

HCPC published revised guidance on returning to practice

The HCPC has published revised guidance on returning to practice.

The guidance now includes a flow chart that clearly depicts the returning to practice process and assists the reader in determining whether returning to practice requirements apply to them.

The HCPC has also provided clarity around what is meant by ‘practising your profession’ and the difference between the supervisor and counter-signatory roles. 

The guidance also now signposts to professional bodies for further guidance on profession-specific practice and periods of updating. 

The revised guidance is available from http://bit.ly/2rUAJcy

In addition, the HCPC has published guidance for the general public regarding ‘What you should expect from your health professional’. This guidance in leaflet form explains the role of the HCPC; what members of the public should expect from their health professional; and what they can do if they are unhappy with the care, treatment or other services they receive. 

The leaflet is available from www.hcpc-uk.co.uk/publications/brochures/index.asp?id=1367

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