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Harnessing the Power of Information

Harnessing the Power of Information

Demonstrating the contribution of the Allied Health Professions

Key Areas of Focus

NAHPIST established a Steering Group in 2016 to oversee and coordinate the various actions in the AHP Informatics Strategy. The Steering Group operates through a number of Task and Finish Groups (TFGs) each chaired by a member of the Steering Group.

The TFGs are focussed on the following topics:

  • Outcomes
  • Digital Care Records
  • Data Sets
  • Information Governance
  • Education and Training
  • Communications


Outcomes TFG - will promote the routine use of outcome measure tools and lobby for the inclusion of digital templates in digital care records to capture scores from outcome tools.

Digital Care Records TFG - will carry out a national survey of AHPs’ use of IT, particularly digital care records. The survey findings will inform an Action Plan that will aim to ensure digital care records fully support AHP record keeping, and capture comparable data needed for outcomes-based commissioning, clinical audit and research, and service evaluation.

Data Sets TFG - will advise NHS Digital on the benefits of including AHP Interventions, Outcomes, and other key data, in all national data sets that cover services that employ AHPs.

Information Governance (IG) TFG - will focus on compiling advice and useful links to resources for AHPs on record keeping, patient confidentiality, duty to share information, and other related IG topics.

Education and Training TFG - will identify what the various AHPs need to know about informatics both pre- and post-registration. This will include:

  • The topics covered by the other TFGs; and 
  • Compiling advice and useful links to existing resources.


Communications TFG – will coordinate communications between the TFGs; with the AHP professional bodies; and with national bodies such as NHS Digital and Health Education England. 

Getting involved

Experienced AHP practitioners, educators and researchers are needed to contribute to the work of the TFGs. The TFGs will mainly operate as virtual groups using online collaboration and ongoing discussion to achieve their objectives.

Katie Collins, Professional and Private Practice Officer is leading on the Information Governance Task and Finish Group.  If you would like to get involved with this group email Katie on kc@scpod.org 

For further information, and/or to get involved in any of the other groups, please email:

AHP Data Improvement Lead: england.cahpo@nhs.net or Chair of Communications TFG: K.Elliott@bda.uk.com

Please note that discussions are underway to ensure this work aligns with the informatics developments in the health and care sector in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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