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Foot Health Month 2019

Foot Health Month - April 2019


Together we can raise awareness of podiatry

Our Foot Health Month campaign for 2019 will build on last year’s campaign, focusing on good food health, and raising awareness and understanding of podiatry – with a clear message that people should visit an HCPC registered podiatrist as the health specialists for foot and lower limb pain and problems.

How you can take part in Foot Health Month

If you are a member of the public or another healthcare professional, help us spread the message about good foot health by following us on social media during April, liking and sharing our posts, or by posting your own messages using #foothealthmonth2019.

As part of this year's campaign, which runs in April, we are also reaching into GP surgeries with foot health leaflets and posters. These will be displayed in 5000 GP surgeries around the UK, during March to May, so pick up a leaflet and learn about good foot health. Find out more about our GP surgeries campaign here.

What makes a good podiatrist?

Caring. Wanting to help people, to relieve their pain and strain and help them live healthier and more independent lives, is the most important quality you need to study and work as a podiatrist.

Comfortable working with your hands. Podiatry is a hands-on job, often calling for a lot of manual skill.

People skills. People can be nervous about letting someone treat their feet and lower limbs. Podiatrists need to put patients at their ease and show them there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Find out more about a career in Podiatry

Raising awareness of foot health in the media  

As part of our wider media campaign to promote Foot Health month, we will be approaching journalists from national, consumer and local media, online media and consumer sites with a news story about the UK's foot health based on a survey of the general public that we are commissioning.

'We all want to raise awareness of podiatry and that starts with promoting a basic knowledge of good foot health – and that’s what we’re going to be promoting across the UK during Foot Health Month this April.'        

College of Podiatry media spokesperson and Council member Emma McConnachie  


How College of Podiatry members can take part in Foot Health Month

Foot Health Month pack

We have a redesigned, updated, foot health leaflet and poster for you to put in your clinics and practices, or to give out at health events or gyms, giving basic foot health advice and recommending when to see a podiatrist.

Order your free Foot Health Month pack of 25 Foot Health leaflets and poster, and help us spread the word about foot health and our fantastic profession. 


Packs will be sent to you towards the end of March in time for the start of the campaign in April. 


Login and order your free Foot Health Month 2019 pack here




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