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Fair Pay Rally

Fair Pay Rally

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7th October 2017

Members of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and their family turned out on Saturday 7th October to attend a large rally organised by Unison in Edinburgh. The rally was supported by the STUC and various unions such as RCN, GMB and PCS.

The key message of the rally was to inform both the UK Government and the Scottish Government that public sector workers wanted a pay award that actually delivered a pay increase. For the last 7 years the UK Government has either imposed a 1% pay cap or a zero increase for public sector workers and this has meant in real terms that public sector workers, including our members have faced in real terms between 11% to 14% pay cut.

There was a mood of determination to fight for a fair pay award in light of recent political shifts away from a pay cap for public sector workers and this was clearly spelt out by the speakers at the rally including Dave Prentis, General Secretary of Unison. There is a need to keep the pressure on all devolved governments and the UK Government to “Scrap the Cap” and the NHS unions are pursuing a claim of 3.9% (current RPI) plus £800 for all.

We shall endeavour to keep all our members informed of developments.

Graham Pirie
Employment Relations Officer, Scotland and Northern Ireland

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