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Last updated: 08 July 2020

The following Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance has been issued by the CEO and Executive Team at The College of Podiatry. This guidance is based on information from the Government and NHS websites in line with our business processes.

Coronavirus: Are podiatrists keyworkers

Coronavirus: Essential Guidance for Clinical Practice 

Coronavirus: Financial Assistance during Covid-19

Coronavirus: How our members in private practice can rejoin the NHS

Coronavirus: Lower Limb Amputation Prevention Guidance

Coronavirus: The College of Podiatry MSK Corticosteroid injection guidelines

Coronavirus: Guidance on Remote Consultations

Coronavirus: Guidance for College of Podiatry members in relation to the College
Coronavirus: Important resources for members

CoronaVirus: Webinar Update - Guidance for Members 

Coronavirus: London office to close for up to four weeks | conferences and events postponed
Coronavirus: Guidance to private practice members on treating patients 

Coronavirus: TUC Guidance  
Coronavirus: Support for businesses 
Coronavirus: Frequently asked questions - updated 24th March

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