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Coronavirus: An update to our members

Coronavirus: An update to our members

Dear Member,

Following the Government's announcement yesterday that the UK is moving from the 'contain' to the 'delay' stage in relation to trying to manage the Coronavirus outbreak, I am writing to you to provide you with an update.

The College has a duty of care to look after its staff, members and in turn their patients. Therefore, due to the seriousness of the virus and the impact it could have on patients and the need for our members to be on the frontline, we have decided that it is important to minimise the risks where possible.

For this reason, the College of Podiatry offices at Quartz House in London will be closed for up to four weeks from today, Friday 13 March 2020. All staff have been asked to work from home during this time. All phone lines and email addresses are in operation. The College has the IT infrastructure in place to allow its staff to work remotely and to be able to access to all of the College's phone lines, so there should be minimal disruption to the support we provide to members during this time. As this is an ongoing situation, this will be reviewed regularly by the Executive Team at the College and it will keep members informed of any updates or changes to these arrangements.

Conferences, events and courses

In light of this situation, the College has taken the decision to postpone the following events:

• The Faculty of Podiatric Surgery Conference on 19 – 20 March is being postponed to a later date

• The Wales Podiatric Medicine Conference on 20 – 21 March is being postponed to a later date

• The Student Conference in Glasgow on 28 March is being postponed to a later date

• The Vascular Module, due to take place at Quartz House on Friday 19 March, is being postponed to a later date

Please visit the College of Podiatry website for guidance, resources, information and updates on the Coronavirus.

Best wishes and keep well,

Steve Jamieson

CEO and General Secretary

The College of Podiatry

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