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College of Podiatry radio day on Friday 11 January

College of Podiatry radio day on Friday 11 January

Today (Friday 11 January 2019), Council member Matthew Fitzpatrick will be taking part in a radio day, as part of our PR activity to promote podiatry to the public.

For background information, a radio day allows a representative from an organisation to be interviewed by a number of radio presenters from stations around the UK – national, and regional, BBC and commercial, which are either going out live or being recorded to go out later in the day – to promote a new service, or, as in our case, podiatry.

Matthew will be about the results of a survey carried out for the College of Podiatry, which looks at the injuries suffered to the foot and ankle by those who take up a new exercise regime in the New Year, without proper preparation. A summary of the results is available in our press release.

In the wider context, this also gives us the opportunity to promote the breadth of podiatry as a profession, and the College. 

We will be tweeting out during and after the events.

Below is the schedule for today, with a list of all the radio stations that will be interviewing Matthew. 

Live radio interviews:

10.40: BBC Somerset    

11.30: BBC Radio Lancashire    

13.15: Black Country Radio     

Recorded to go out later -  we will keep you updated with exact times of broadcast as and when we have that information


BFBS Radio   

RNIB Connect Radio    

Swansea Sound – 1170MW    

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