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College of Podiatry Motion to TUC on Bullying and Harassment

College of Podiatry Motion to TUC on Bullying and Harassment

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Today (9 September) at the TUC Congress in Brighton, Head of Employment Relations Martin Furlong, put forward a resolution from the College of Podiatry calling for a change in how bullying and harassment in the workplace is dealt with.

 ‘The College of Podiatry, like all NHS unions, has seen increased incidents of our members suffering from bullying and harassment. In the last staff survey, 28.3% of respondents to the annual survey reported at least one incident of bullying and harassment in the last 12 months – that’s over 850 a day, every day of the year. Other surveys report similar levels, and our reps deal with bullying and harassment complaints on a daily basis. It affects all members in independent practice or in the NHS and our LGBT+ and disabled colleagues are impacted on a disturbingly regular basis.

‘This year’s figures had barely changed on previous years, yet little at system level has been implemented.

‘Change is needed. We need to improve how formal complaints on bullying and harassment are handled in the NHS, ensuring appropriate resources, and ensure representation and support is available for individuals going through a process. We need to ensure access to alternative means of resolution, such as mediation, where appropriate. We need to encourage and enable early intervention to tackle low-level, unprofessional behaviour before it escalates to bullying or harassment. And we need to ensure that outcomes reflect the level of behaviour.

‘We need to give our members the tools, the support and the confidence to call out this behaviour.

‘This congress says enough is enough and calls on the TUC and the unions to work together to ensure that this issue is taken seriously, and more is done to protect our members in their workplaces.’

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