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College of Podiatry in the media

College of Podiatry in the media

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the College of Podiatry in the Media.


High Heels

Following the publication of a new piece of research by the University of Aberdeen, into the physical damage wearing high heels can cause as well as the social and cultural aspects surrounding their wear, the College of Podiatry issued a statement from Matt Fitzpatrick:

Consultant Podiatrist Matthew Fitzpatrick FCPM, speaking for The College of Podiatry said: “This research, which echoes the College of Podiatry’s own, shows yet again that women are being let down by government in the UK when it comes to workplace footwear.

“In the 21st century women should not be forced to wear high heeled shoes in the work place as part of a uniform. There is already a strong body of clinical evidence that indicates the medical and disabling effects of wearing a high heeled shoe over a prolonged period of time, and this study reinforces these facts.

“How many more studies will it take before government acts? The College of Podiatry calls on governments across the UK to respond now and give workers the right to choose not to wear high heels at work.”

Matt was interviewed on Radio Clyde on the back of this, and the station featured Matt’s comments in its news bulletin every half an hour throughout the day.

Further coverage in:

The Herald Scotland


Red Online

Harpers Bazaar


Safety and Health Practitioner

BBC coverage

Feature story on children's shoes (Using Feet for Life survey and linked to children going back to school) on Tuesday 8 August 2017.

BBC Radio 5 Live (5,317,000 listeners) interviewed Matthew Fitzpatrick regarding the children’s shoes story. The interview is around 35 minutes in, and lasts for approx. 9 minutes. The College is mentioned several times.

Matthew was also interviewed for BBC Radio Berkshire (118,000 listeners). The interview is around 40 minutes in. Again the piece credits The College of Podiatry and includes mention of the research from our survey.

The story ran on BBC Breakfast with a four-minute feature with credit to The College throughout:

Breakfast, 06:52, BBC 1
08 Aug 2017, UK

Breakfast, 07:51, BBC 1
08 Aug 2017, UK

Unfortunately, the BBC Breakfast show is only on iPlayer on the day of broadcast.

Other media Coverage

Community Practitioner
1 August

Article on Children’s foot problems, with Member Simon Jones.

Daily Mail Online, Daily Mail, Scottish Daily Mail
Tuesday 8 August.

An article on high heel pain and whether toe-pulling can help with neuroma. It quotes Member Mike O’Neill who states that the treatment would not get rid of the problem.

Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4769876/Can-toe-pulling-beat-high-heels-pain-foot.html

Training Matters
29 July

Features a round-up of foot and leg care products and mentions the Flexitol Heel Balm which has the Product Approved Brand from The College of Podiatry.

Link: http://www.tmmagazine.co.uk/market-monitor-july

Bella Magazine

Featured an article on keeping cool in Summer, with comment from Matt Fitzpatrick.

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