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College of Podiatry gains seat on TUC Women's Committee

College of Podiatry gains seat on TUC Women’s Committee

The College of Podiatry has been affiliated to the TUC for a number of years and plays an active role in its work to ensure that the voices of podiatrists are heard at the highest level. This is especially true in relation to our members employed in the NHS, although changes to working practices and legislation means that increasingly our members in private practice also have concerns that need addressing. The TUC’s women’s committee is one of its most important constituents and we are delighted that Katie has successfully come through an election process and that, from March, the College of Podiatry will have a representative on this committee. Katie said: ’It’s an honour to represent my profession at the TUC and especially on a committee that looks after the interests of women in the workplace. I hope that I can add value to our members by pushing for equal pay and fair treatment for all our members and ensuring that our members’ views are reflected in the TUC campaigns of the future’.

Katie’s term of office will initially be for 12 months and we have regular updates. 

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