College of Podiatry concerned at reports that Union Learning Fund (ULF) might be scrapped

The College of Podiatry (CoP) is dismayed at reports that the Union Learning Fund (ULF) is facing closure.

Since it was established in 1998, the ULF has built close links with training providers, employers, and workers, and has provided its members with many opportunities across England, Wales and Scotland. Its loss would be a cruel blow for workers everywhere.

At a time when the nation’s long-term response to COVID-19 should include developing the skillsets of people across the country, organisations like the ULF, with its years of expertise in lifelong learning, are essential to imagining a new future in the world of work. The ULF’s recent role in improving equality in the workplace and tackling economic disadvantage demonstrates its worth. Indeed, the support of governments of differing political persuasions bears testimony to the success and importance of the ULF since its inception.

Martin Furlong, CoP Head of Employment Relations, says:

‘We need the ULF, especially when so many people are fearful for their careers, livelihoods, and their futures. The long-term ramifications of COVID-19 are still far from certain and I can’t imagine a time when developing and diversifying skills in the workplace won’t be needed. Organisations like the ULF which actively grow skills and learning should form an important part of the country’s economic response.

We need to ensure that the economic recovery post COVID-19 works for everybody. We can’t rehash the mistakes of the last recession. The move to scrap the ULC makes no sense given the challenges we face’.

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