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College of Podiatry attends TUC in Manchester

College of Podiatry attends TUC in Manchester

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The College of Podiatry was well represented at this year’s TUC in Manchester. Our delegates were Martin Furlong, Head of Employment Relations and Sarah White, one of our workplace representatives who works in Yorkshire and Humberside for a Local Community Partnership. We also had a stand in the exhibition area promoting the benefits of Podiatry to delegates. Staff from our Employment Relations department were joined by colleagues from the External Affairs directorate.

The TUC overwhelmingly agreed with our motions seeking support and better training for Podiatrists and other AHPS who face violence and intimidation when caring for prisoners inside jails. Our motion calling on the TUC and other unions to seek further improvements on pay in the NHS was also supported by every union that attended.

As well as these issues we also contributed to debates on Bullying and Harassment in the workplace, the problems that arise when NHS staff subsidise the NHS by not being able to be fully reimbursed for travel during the day and providing their own dom bags, as well as take part in a debate calling for more funding from the government in the prevention of illness and the benefits Podiatrists bring to this part of the Public Health Agenda.

The TUC is also an important part of the College’s work with other unions in ensuring that the terms and conditions of Podiatrists continue to be protected and improved. You see some of the debates from the TUC by visiting:


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