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CEO Steve Jamieson's update on NHS pay discussions

CEO Steve Jamieson's update on NHS pay discussions

Steve Jamieson, CEO and General Secretary, has today contacted our NHS members in England with regards to development in pay talks.

Steve said:

‘I wanted to contact you regarding the NHS pay discussions in England and bring you up to date with the progress that we have made.

Over the past 2 years there have been changes in both the public and government’s attitude to NHS pay and the 1% pay cap that has been in place for the last seven years.

In the November budget of 2017, the Chancellor reconfirmed his intention to bring an end to the 1% pay cap. Since then we have been working in partnership with other NHS unions in negotiating with the government to secure the best possible deal for all our public sector members.

While the content of these negotiations is still subject to discussion, we hope to be able to come back to you shortly with news of a potential multi-year pay deal including a major refresh of Agenda for Change pay rates. It is likely that we will consult with you on whether to accept any offer of this nature.

I hope to be back in touch with you shortly with more information, but wanted to assure you that your union is working hard to secure a deal that benefits our members.'

Whilst the above announcement is specific to England it is anticipated that a similar offer will then be rolled out in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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