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Keeping your feet healthy is only part of preventing foot problems; it is also essential that you wear well-fitting shoes.

So whether walking, dancing or pounding the pavements is your choice of exercise, the College of Podiatry offers the following advice to help keep feet fighting fit.

Feet have a rough time of it; they carry us the equivalent of five times around the earth in an average lifetime, yet we give them less attention than they deserve and we rarely wear the best shoes for our feet.

In an average lifetime, we walk about 100,000 miles, which is tough on our feet. Yet our bodies were designed for moving - not standing still, so walking is good exercise for our feet.

Walking helps the muscles and ligaments in our feet to work more efficiently, and helps keep them supple and flexible. So even if you have to sit around a lot in your job, or at home, try to get up and walk briskly for at least 30 mins every day.

Feet are adaptable and can withstand a lot of pressure before they rebel. If you walk a lot, it's important to wear the right footwear that won't damage your feet.

HCPC Registered chiropodists/podiatrists will be able to give advice on suitable footwear. They will be able to suggest suitable 'warm up' exercises to ease you gently into your chosen sport, and help prevent injury.