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Diabetic Foot Screening App

Diabetic Foot Screening App

The College of Podiatry, in collaboration with their special advisory group Foot in Diabetes UK and the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists, have created two apps to enable increased knowledge around the problems that can occur in the diabetic foot. One is for health care professionals who undertake diabetic foot screenings, the other is for people with diabetes to ensure they are empowered to prevent problems with their feet. Both apps follow NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) guidelines.     

Diabetic Foot Screening app for people with diabetes 

The app for people with diabetes will explain what to expect at your annual foot screening, why this is taking place, what the Health Care Professional will do with the results, and what you should come out with and what this means. i.e. your risk category (at low, moderate or high risk of developing a foot ulcer) and verbal and written information with emergency contact details. There will also be information and video clips on footwear advice, self-care, what to look out for. 

It also explains how diabetes can affect the feet. It also allows you to track foot screening appointments (offering reminders when they are due).

The app provides detailed, practical information on how to look after your feet, with video clips on footwear advice, self-care, what to look out for.  It allows you to record emergency contact details for your GP, your Podiatrist, etc.

Diabetic Foot Screening app for Health Care Professionals 

The app explains the risk categorisation when conducting a foot screening. Those with diabetes will be categorised as either at low, moderate or high risk of developing a foot ulcer. Full explanations are given as to what this means are given with computerised pictures of the various conditions that can affect those with diabetes. 

Search for the apps on Google Play and Apple app stores using the term diabetic foot screening