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High Heels & Workplace Dress Codes

High Heels & Workplace Dress Codes

The Petitions Committee and Women and Equalities Committee published their report ‘High heels and workplace dress codes’ revealing the troubling experiences of workers affected by discriminatory dress codes on Tuesday 25 January. The Society made this issue one of their motions at the TUC 2016 Congress, and The College of Podiatry contributed expert evidence to this report, and is quoted throughout.

The report can be viewed here

Since then, the College has been overwhelmed by a response from the media requesting information and interviews. Many of our College spokespeople have kindly given their time to speak to media on this issue, which has resulted in extensive coverage for the College and podiatry as a profession.

Media Coverage so far

Fine firms for sexist dress rules, say MPs

Coverage was achieved on the BBC’s News website. They have quoted information from the College in the last couple of paragraphs. Please read article here

Is your workplace dress code sexist?
Emma Supple, appeared on Radio 4’s Today programme on 24 January discussing why employers should not use gender to dictate work wear and the physical problems that can be caused by wearing high heels. Please read article here


Publication Web Link Title
Western Mail (Cardiff)  
Should high heels vanish as relics of a very painful past?
Bloomberg.com. You can read article here

U.K. Urged to Do More Against Bosses’ Demands on Heels and Tops
Independent online. You can read the article here

Sexist workplace dress codes 'force women to dye hair blonde and wear revealing clothes'
BuzzFeed. You can read article here 

Forcing Women To Wear Heels At Work Is Damaging To Their Health, Report Concludes
Wales Online. Please read article here

A receptionist's anger at being told to wear high heels has forced MPs to take action
Liverpool Echo. You can read article here 

Calls for sexist dress codes at work to be stamped out
IB Times. You can read the article here 

High heels row: 5 things we need to know about sexist workplace dress codes
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Laws on sexist dress codes are ‘failing female employees’
Personnel Today. You can read the article here 

Sexist dress codes could attract stricter punishment and fines
HRM Magazine. You can read article here 

MPs call for stronger laws on sexist dress codes
The Sun. You can read article here 

SEXIST DEBATE Can your boss make you wear high heels to work, and what are your rights? Here’s all you need to know
Straits Times. You can read article here 
Call for Britain to enforce law on discriminatory work dress codes