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The College of Podiatry Stand

The College of Podiatry Stand

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Claire Angus

Director of Membership Services

It was great to meet so many of our members on the College of Podiatry stand at conference. We re-designed our stand space for this conference to make it more open and engaging for members. It felt like this worked really well as we spoke to hundreds of members over the course of the three days. We were able to help members with individual queries but also to tell them about some of the new benefits and services we are launching including out new membership app, online mentoring platform and special offers with new partners.

As well as answering members questions, there was also lots of fun on the stand with our selfie scavenger hunt, writing on the I heart podiatry wall about why we love podiatry and lots of great photo opportunities with members.

We hope all of you that participated in the activities enjoy using your College of Podiatry mugs and water bottles.