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Student Report

Student Report

Students - Benjamin from Southampton and Christiana from QMU.jpg

Sally Gates

CPSA Chair

Thursday was student day at conference, and the students turned out to make the most of the specially targeted sessions, networking and social events.

The day started with a paper plane making competition at the Student Meet and Greet as we got an opportunity to test our engineering skills with other students from around the country.

After the plenary, the students had a hands-on ultrasound workshop with Dr Martin Watson. Martin showed us how to read the ultrasound images and spot anomalies before guiding us in using the equipment to scan ourselves. We were all nervous but quickly learned the golden rule of ultrasound: if you don’t have gel everywhere you’ve not doing it right.

In the afternoon the student network hosted a question and answer session with a panel of experts: Professor Mark Tagoe, podiatric surgeon; Dr Paul Chadwick, Clinical Director at the College of Podiatry; Dr Michelle Spruce, private practitioner; and Dr Karl Landorf, Associate Professor at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. I was given the amazing opportunity to chair this session, which was both exciting and scary, although everyone was very supportive and helpful. Students were able to ask questions anonymously using an online platform, and vote for other people’s questions that they liked in order to boost them up the running order. The questions ranged from tips on starting a private practice and the pathway for becoming a podiatric surgeon to overcoming shyness and the impact for BME professionals on career progression. 

The early evening Student Careers Forum was popular as always, combining the interesting and often amusing tales of a variety of practitioners with a glass of wine for a relaxed session designed to help students plan their futures. My favourite piece of advice was targeting advertising at strippers, because they have money, are available during the day and always have sore feet. 

Finally, we wound up the day in the Cameo and Myu Club. There were glitter tattoos, glasses of prosecco and cheeky photos in the props corner galore, and it was a great chance to get to know students from other universities, which is one of the objectives that the Student Network has set for the year. 

The student-focused sessions helped us to feel included and welcomed, and we loved having the opportunity to make connections and gather inspiration for our future careers. Thank you to the College of Podiatry for giving students this introduction to the conference.