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Chairman's Report

Chairman's Report

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George Dunn

At my first conference as the College of Podiatry chair, I was excited by the broad range of lectures, demonstrations and meetings with podiatrists from all parts of the UK, as well as International attendees, making this a truly global conference.

I had the honour of addressing the first plenary session and appearing before our keynote speaker, Julia Bradbury. I was privileged to meet her afterwards and discuss, among other things, the desire to get everyone exercising more and appreciating this great island we live on.

I spent much of my time meeting members, listening to their concerns and discussing the changes we have implemented at the College. These discussions often extended into the night and throughout I was able to see our members’ enthusiasm and passion for our profession and its future direction. 

I have three specific highlights I must mention. Firstly, Matt Fitzpatrick introduced the PODMO20 audit tool to the conference and I hope you get involved with this. As I said in my speech, we need as much information as possible to prove our worth to those in charge of education, service commissioning and to our patients. The partnership approach to patient care between NHS and private podiatrists, introduced by Graham Holt, will show benefit and I hope will bridge the gap between these sectors of care. Finally, the lecture by Beverley Harden from Health Education England warned us that podiatry is under threat, and it is the membership who can inspire the next generation of podiatrists by their example and diligence we seen every day in practice. 

We work much better when we work together, and to this end we launched the Global Podiatry Network at conference. I hope this initiative will bring us closer together with our international colleagues and promote podiatry across the world where we can show we continue to ‘Make the Difference’.