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College of Podiatry Annual Conference 2019

College of Podiatry Annual Conference 2019

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Keynote speaker Professor Robert Winston
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21 - 23 November 2019    
Harrogate Convention Centre
Harrogate, North Yorkshire


The College of Podiatry Conference is one of the most important events of the year for podiatrists. 

This year again was a great success. Around 1250 colleagues attended and profited from the latest scientific research, innovations, clinical and business skills which they took back to their clinics. 


Keri Hutchinson, Public Health Lead, College of Podiatry

It’s a Saturday, I’m aboard a crowded train, packed with Christmas shoppers and football fans and I’m lugging a case that will probably accelerate the ageing of my spinal column every time I lift it.

I’m making the return journey home from Harrogate after 3 days at my profession’s (I’m a podiatrist) annual conference. I’m reflecting on the course of events and I am buzzing with excitement.

Such energy, such drive on display, so many enthusiastic people gathered together to share ideas with the aim to improve and change practice for the benefit of today’s patient and tomorrow’s patient. To use the phrase coined by the ‘I see the difference’ campaign (The Office for Students Allied Health Professions recruitment initiative), the ‘difference’ was tangible.

I have been a podiatrist for over 20 years and have seen the profession evolve and grow in recent years due to research and quality improvement projects driven by some inspirational clinical and research leaders and this conference showcased their work.

There are excellent and exciting results emerging in many areas but especially in the area of health protection.

As a podiatrist who specialises in public health, it is the career equivalent of winning the lottery, seeing so much positivity in this arena. The fascinating work done by Martin Fox (Vascular specialist podiatrist) has championed podiatry as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of health protection, especially in terms of detection of atrial fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm) and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) management. Having atrial fibrillation (AF) is indicative of stroke risk and cardio-vascular disease.

Many other podiatrists are also forging innovative links with other healthcare professionals working in vascular medicine and also paediatrics, orthopaedics, forensics and diagnostics..

People like Monica Fisk, Sara Vautier and Linda Hicks in AF detection, Sue Mathews, Pam Smith and Lindsay Jones (PAD management), Nina Davies and Matt Hill in children’s podiatry, Lucy Gates with her ground-breaking osteoarthritis research and Cylie Williams and Peta Tehan who have helped to further cement the close working relationship that UK and Australian podiatry have.

All of these podiatrists, many of whom are highly decorated in their academic fields with doctorates and professorships, and thousands like them, are re-imagining and re-shaping the image of the profession.

Podiatrists are at the forefront of improving health outcomes and improving care and we will be reliant on our talented clinical and research leaders to ensure that the exciting results in health protection areas are disseminated widely. We spend more time with patients than many other Allied Health Professions (AHP) and are therefore in a position to run diagnostics, signpost effectively, action meaningful behaviour change techniques and much more.

We struggle to get these incredible results out there into the wider public network as we are, in AHP terms, a relatively small profession. Therefore, we rely on our existing network to help us get this message out there.

Want to help your patient optimise their health? Send them to their local podiatry service. Our ethos of ‘saving limbs and saving lives’ has never been more true.

2019 Exhibitor List

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